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2 million Pentagon race VICTORVILLE, Calif. The Tartan Racing Team,cheap jerseys, based at Carnegie Mellon University, walked away with a $2 million prize on Sunday for coming in first in this year’s Pentagon sponsored robot race, held at a former Air Force base. The team’s robotic vehicle, "Boss," turned in the top performance as it navigated itself through the 60 mile (100 kilometer) Urban Challenge course at the former George Air Force Base in Victorville this weekend. The Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency took over the deserted base for the past week to offer an obstacle course tailor made for city traffic. Boss, a modified Chevy Tahoe, competed along with 10 other robo vehicles in Saturday’s finals. The cars had to merge into moving traffic, navigate traffic circles, avoid obstacles and negotiate traffic jams without human intervention. "This is really a fantastic accomplishment," Tony Tether,wholesale jerseys, director of DARPA, said at Sunday’s awards ceremony. "I watched these things driving,
that it would take several days and $1,000 to fix her car."The worst part was that I had to tell my husband about this embarrassing story," Yaeger says. [See: 12 Money Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes.] Most people have made a financial mistake that seemed sensible at the time, but in hindsight turned out to be pretty stupid. With that in mind, here are some thoughts from a slew of personal finance experts on five financial decisions that sound smart but are likely a waste of money. The mistake: Buying something because it is interest free for awhile. Why it can seem smart. It’s tempting to buy something with a zero interest window, such as a "90 day, same as cash" offer, in which you’re charged no interest if you pay for the product within 90 days. Why it may be stupid. Many people don’t end up saving the money or putting it aside when they get it, "and they end up paying accumulated interest at a high rate plus compounding interest on the balance going forward," says Kelley Long,
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Miami County Restaurant Inspections,
game cards against humanity

Address: 891 S. Main St.,
print cards against humanity, West MiltonViolations/comments: Fix water leaks at hand sink in restroom and three compartment sink. Fix properly. A thin tipped thermometer must be present to take temperature of thin perishable foods (ex. sandwich meat). New cooler is holding temperature of temperature controlled for safety food above 45 degrees or below (few degrees off). Manager is working on issue and is not going to use cooler until the issue is fixed.Violations/comments: Clean hard to reach areas of fryer and oven area,
online cards against humanity, observed residual oil build up on surfaces. Observed walk in freezer with food boxes/containers on floor. Ensure all food boxes are off floor to prevent contamination. Ensure all clean eating or preparation utensils are faced or positioned to prevent contamination of eating surfaces with hands. Handles on prep cooler must be repaired properly. Ceiling above prep cooler needs to be vinyl clad surface. Replace where needed. Deep clean or resurface cutting boards in prep cooler area of stained residual. Do when needed and frequently. Walk in cooler wall and ceiling surfaces need repaired in some areas.

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Lens Materials for Designer SERENGETI and PERSOL Sunglasses

Whether it is designer or prescription sunglasses that a user buys, one of the most important components is the lens. The same analogy will also apply while buying PERSOL or SERENGETI sunglasses.

While buying designer and stylish sunglasses also considering the lens material is important. Some people have the misconception that lens materials are important only in case of prescription eyeglasses. On the contrary they are important consideration even while buying designer products like SERENGETI sunglasses.

They will affect the clarity of vision. Bad lenses can adversely affect eyesight. Lenses should be chosen depending on the type of use the glasses are put to. Even when buying products like PERSOL sunglasses lens choices are important. What to Look for In Choosing the Lens,
print cards against humanity?

While choosing the lens for the sunglasses the prospective buyer needs to take into consideration the quality of glass of the lens. Superior quality SERENGETI sunglasses will be scratch resistant and offer superior optical qualities. Prospective buyer can choose between polyurethane,
white cards against humanity, polycarbonate, and Acrylic materials though the last one in the list is less durable and good only for occasional use. Thus for regular use only the polyurethane and polycarbonate are the better materials to be used in lenses of the sunglasses.

Tint of the Lens

Almost all the lenses are tinted for use in the eye glass and sunglasses because they can reduce the impact of overall brightness,
cards against humanity online free. At the same time it will also enhance terrain definitions. In fact the tint in the lens determines the extent of visible light that reaches the eyes and also the extent of color and contrast of the light.

Lens Colors

Another important aspect of choosing the lens for the designer products such as the PERSOL sunglasses and they could be varied in nature. Each color variation has its own impact on the use of the glasses. For instance; when a buyer chooses brown, green or gray color lenses, they would be color neutral. They will not distort colors but will cut down on the brightness substantially. On the other hand gold,
which cards against humanity expansion is best, yellow and amber colors offer less protection against bright colors but they have the advantage of being excellent for moderate and low light conditions. Vermillion and rose colored lenses would make the outer world look brighter.

Bottom line of all these is that style and design cannot be the sole criteria in selecting the right sunglasses for one eyes and lens selection is indispensable part of proper selection.

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Has vintage shopping become old hat

Recently, while on the hunt for a new jacket, I found myself trawling the racks of some local vintage stores where I spotted a t shirt that was, to be frank, practically a rag.

But it was a rag that also happened to be tour merchandise for a particular musician I was obsessed with in my youth. So I bought it. For $80. Actually, that made it more expensive than the mint condition baseball jacket I bought at the same time. It wasn’t until I got home that it actually sank in that I had just bought a second hand t shirt complete with holes for close to a hundred bucks.

So what is it about the term ‘vintage’ that makes even the most level headed person part with serious coin for something that is, at the end of the day, second hand?

Dale Mckie is based stylist who often uses a mixture of vintage with contemporary designers in his work. He says the primary appeal of vintage is the probability someone else won’t have it. „You are buying into something that is unique, something you are less likely going to see someone else wearing,“ Mckie explains.

There is also much to be said for nostalgia. Fashion tends to look backwards in order to move forwards, and the old saying that if you hold on to something long enough it will eventually come back into fashion does have a grain of truth to it.

That doesn’t mean you should hold onto your favourite pair of screen printed paperbag waist flares on the off chance that the decade they were made in will become on trend again. However, like artwork, there is much to be said for owning an ‘original’.

„When you buy vintage real vintage you’re also buying into design and history,“ Mckie says. „If you found a pair of Vivienne Westwood pirate trousers from her first runway collection in 1981,
cards against himanity, I’d snap them up the value of these would be worth far more than what is in store now! These pieces are collector items and moments in history.“

Another reason to shop vintage is the environment. With disposable clothing from questionable sources becoming ever more prevalent in modern society, buying vintage is one way of minimising your wardrobe’s carbon footprint.

With so many high street chain stores pumping out thousands of units of each garment, why not purchase a vintage version for similar cost? The same amount of work, if not more, has gone into producing the garment.

When all is said and done, however, it helps to remain realistic about buying secondhand. Much like ‘organic’ has become a get out of jail free card for supermarkets to mark up everything from bananas to bottled water, the term vintage is sometimes applied to things that may not be worthy of the tag.

It’s not uncommon to walk into ‘vintage’ stores or visit websites selling alleged heirlooms that are, in reality, five years old at best. (Having said that, there is much to be said for the fashion of 2010, and I personally can’t wait for it to come back into fashion).

A good rule of thumb whenever shopping for vintage is 15 years or older, unless you’re after a specific style or era.

What has been your experience of shopping for vintage clothes?

I remember in the 80’s when you could do your vintage shopping at Vinnies and get a genuine vintage frock for no more than $2.00. Times have changed,
cards against humanity full set. Even Vinnies and the Salvos have cottoned on to the money to be made from vintage and people’s desire to be ‘unique’,
personalized cards against humanity?.

Thu May 01 21:56:51 UTC 2014

Yes I remember the 80s, when Wham were popular and you could buy a house for around 50,000 pounds. Your point is?Sloane Square, London

Fri May 02 00:24:42 UTC 2014

Vinnies and Salvos and Lifeline and Anglicare and other charity op shops are mostly still much cheaper than the inner city privately run ‘vintage’ or ‘retro’ stores, especially away from the inner suburbs. You might have to look through a lot of old stuff to find a gem, but that’s part of the joy. And the money goes to charities. Just avoid the word ‘vintage’ and then ‘even the most level headed person’ WON’T have to ‘part with serious coin for something that is,
humanity card game, at the end of the day, second hand’.

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Recommend a Coffee Maker

Coffee coffee makers, and they have lasted us for decades without a problem. They are simple and easy to use, quite affordable, and can be purchased in many different stores.

More recently, we have just purchased a Keurig coffee maker. They are more expensive, and I have heard that they don last as long. However, they have the advantage of brewing just one cup of coffee at a time,
cards against humanity in stores, which can save money if you rarely finish the entire pot of coffee. They also give you the opportunity to try different types of coffee, as well as tea and hot chocolate.

New User (5)

My parents go through coffee makers like you would not believe! Its was as if we were replacing the coffee maker about every 6 to 8 months and thats adds up quick especially when your on a fixed income,
cars against humanity!

Thankfully I found a GREAT coffee maker! Its made by Hamilton Beach. It makes up to 12 cups, brews very quickly and the best part is it was UNDER $25! We have had this maker about a year and a half. It still brews coffee like crazy and they make at least 4 pots a day!

So my recommendation is to try a Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker. They make a couple different styles, and range in price; but they all are very affordable. I found ours at Walmart and it was only $24 $25. I have also seen them at Target, but they were a little more pricey. I hope this helps! good luck in your search for a new coffee maker!I switched to the Keurig system which I purchased at BJ wholesale club and it came with some sample coffees. I like this system so much that I got rid of my standard coffee machines at home and work.

I love my coffee so much I never drink coffee outside the house anymore unless I carried with me from home or work.

I buy my coffee pods from BJ also and it ends up costing me 50 cents per cup which is a huge savings from buying coffee on the road.

My only regret is that I waited a year before buying these.

Expert (735)

We have both Mr Coffee and Hamilton Beach and I just burned out my Mr. Coffee recently which seems to happen every two or three years,
best cards against humanity, but I finally figures out the problem. I often start a second pot after having re heated a previous pot, and pouring cold water into it before it has a chance to cool down fries the heating element. That when you get all that hissing frantic boiling sound and steam, which apparently splits or snaps off what must be a delicate heating element.

Either one of the above are good if you treat them right so my criteria boils down to whatever is cheapest and convenient to buy. Folgers and Maxwell House both make them. They come in boxes of 19. Why there aren 20 in a box I never know. Couldn they just. Right now I have a 5 cup but I was thinking about getting a 6 cup. I really don want a 10 or 12 cup. since I am only 1 person,
cards against humanity retail. What do you all think?What.

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Wronged Modi has no remedy

The Supreme Court on Wednesday made it very clear by their judgement in Lokayukta case that the institution of Lokayukta was important for the society and that two Constitutional entities had wronged Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi but did not offer him any judicial remedy or any other method of redressal.

apex court did expunge the remarks of Gujarat high court judge against Modi but it said that the conduct of the governor cannot be questioned as per the Constitution. the Chief Minister,“ the bench of justices B S Chauhan and F M Ibrahim Kalifulla held.

high court judge had observed that Modi had precipitated a „Constitutional mini crisis“ and his conduct „demonstrated deconstruction of democracy and tantamount to refusal by the Chief Minister to perform his statutory or Constitutional obligation.“ This had compelled the Governor to exercise her discretionary powers to appoint the Lokayukta in order to „preserve democracy and prevent tyranny.“

court has consistently observed that judges must act independently and boldly while deciding a case, but should not make atrocious remarks against the party,
cards agsinst humanity, or a witness, or even against the subordinate court. Judges must not use strong and carping language, rather they must act with sobriety, moderation and restraint, as any harsh and disparaging strictures passed by them would result in injustice,“ observed the Bench.

where criticism is justified,
cards of humanity, the court must not use intemperate language and must maintain judicial decorum at all times, keeping in view always,
cards agenst humanity, the fact that a person making such comments, is also fallible.

on the role of governor

SC said the view of Gujarat Governor Kamla Beniwal that she was not bound by the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers and had the exclusive right to appoint the Lokayukta was „unwarranted and logically insupportable.“

governor’s version of events, stated in her letter of March 3, 2010, to the effect that she was not bound by the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers and that she had the exclusive right to appoint the Lokayukta is most certainly not in accordance with the spirit of the Constitution.

seems that this was an outcome of an improper legal advice and the opinion expressed is not in conformity with the Rule of Law. The view of the governor was unwarranted and logically insupportable.“

apex court also faulted the governor saying she had „misjudged her role“ for appointing Mehta without holding consultations with the state government.

also observed „The Governor is not answerable to either House of the State, or to the Parliament, or even to the Council of Ministers, and his/her acts cannot be subject to judicial review. „In such a situation, unless he/she acts upon the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers, he/she will become all powerful and this is an anti thesis to the concept of democracy.“

lies the danger of a Constitutional position being misused with different political parties in power at Centre and in states. In India, the governor is always a ruling party’s person and mostly politicians.

choice cannot be left to CM

The court also emphasized the importance of the institution of lokayukta in fighting corruption and warned against leaving the finality of the choice of Lokayukta to the council of ministers headed by chief minister. It said this „would be akin to allowing a person who is likely to be investigated, to choose his own Judge“.

said the Lokayukta Act, which was enacted to remove corruption from public life, would be rendered meaningless if a pliant Lokayukta was allowed to be appointed by the state government.

Lokayukta Act may be termed as a pro people Act, as the object of the Act is to clean up Augean stables, and in view thereof, if a political party in power succeeds in its attempt to appoint a pliant Lokayukta, the same would be disastrous and would render the Act otiose,“ the bench said.

pliant Lokayukta, therefore, would render the Act completely meaningless/ineffective, as he would no doubt reject complaints under Section 7 of the Act, at the instance of the government, taking the prima facie view that there is no substance in the complaint, and further, he may also make a suggestion under Section 20 of the said Act, to exclude a public functionary, from the purview of the Act,
cards against humanity retailers, which may include the Chief Minister himself,“ the apex court said.

court made the observation while dismissing the state government’s plea challenging the appointment of retired Justice R A Mehta as the Lokayukta on the ground that the government had consulted it while appointing him to the post. The bench, however, had upheld the appointment saying it was made in consultation with the Chief Justice of the Gujarat High Court.

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